Creation of “Il Tondo” Park was one of the initiatives promoted between 1820 and 1830 by the wife of Marco Landucci, a Sienese nobleman who had extensive holdings in the region.
The location was the object of a recovery operation by the Village Administration, which had promised to salvage a beautiful corner of Montefollonico that had fallen victim to the inevitable degradation of time and weather.
“Il Tondo” is located near the village at the end of a beautiful hill that was originally a karst formation. From here there is an incredible, panoramic view that, on clear days, extends from Lake Trasimeno to the Val d’Orcia over which presides Mount Amiata.
The park consists of a circular grove of oak and cypress trees with two, round stone tables in the center.


It is the ideal spot to rest and savor absolute tranquility and coolness. Surrounding this is a stand of precious hardwood trees that extends over the hilltop and includes oak, ilex, turkey oak, flowering ash, heather, broom and juniper. It’s home to a variety of typical, Tuscan fauna: squirrels, roe deer, boar, hedgehogs and many types of birds. The interior of the park is crisscrossed with ancient pathways (rediscovered in our time) that lead the wanderer into an incredible, natural habitat and to places that, with their legends and traditions recall the history and culture of Montefollonico.

Among the wildlife frequently seen in the park is the Serpent Lizard (Chalcides chalcides), which is just that, a cross between a serpent and a lizard. This little reptile has small claws and the long body of a serpent.

The greatest treasure is a rich and diverse colony of orchids that appears in the clearings at irregular intervals – precious jewels worthy of admiration.